First Year Induction

Are you wondering what your first day at Crana College is going to be like? Check out our new video below which takes you through the induction process step by step!


Research has shown that the transition from primary to post primary school is a daunting experience for young people. In Crana College, a huge emphasis is placed on an induction programme consisting of a number of activities to assist with the transition from primary school. Close contact and cooperation with the primary school is established and activities are arranged accordingly.

The Induction Programme begins with visits to the local primary school by the Principal, Deputy Principal and other teachers from Crana College. Students are invited to attend some events (e.g. Open Day, School Musical) so that they can familiarise themselves with the school environment. A presentation and DVD about Crana College is also shown in the primary schools. Students and parents/guardians are then invited into the school for an Open Night and following enrolment, students visit the school for an Entrance Test in January and a Transfer Day in May.

In September, first year students will have at least one full day when they are the only students in the school and will be linked up with a 5th year student who has received training in relation to mentoring 1st year students. The 5th year mentor will assist 1st years in settling into school and offer support to students. A parent/guardian information evening will take place in May and September, followed by a parent teacher meeting in the second term.

Individual transition programmes are offered to students who may need more time to familiarise themselves with their prospective new environment and new staff. The Special Educational Needs Coordinator visits all feeder primary schools and attends review meetings as required. Where possible our team of Special Needs Assistants will visit feeder primary schools to shadow colleagues and to learn what works best for individual students.

The Form Tutor, Year Head, Guidance Counsellors, Home School Community Liaison Coordinator and the School Completion Coordinator also offer support to parents/guardians and students on the transition from primary to post primary school.

For access to our comprehensive Induction Programme booklet, please click on the link below.

Crana College Induction Booklet 2022-2023



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