Green Schools 


Crana College is very proud to be part of The Green Schools initiative, an international environmental educational programme, that aims to increase students' awareness of environmental issues. Schools follow a seven-step programme in order to receive their Green Flag, which is in effect an environmental management system for their school. Schools that successfully implement the programme are awarded the prestigious Green Flag with students encouraged to channel this increased environmental awareness into positive environmental action within the school and wider area.  

The programme works on themes, each of which takes approximately two years to adopt. Examples of themes are:

  • Litter & Waste Management
  • Energy Awareness
  • Water
  • Travel
  • Biodiversity
  • Global Citizenship (Litter & Waste)
  • Global Citizenship (Energy)

​Crana College has already earned two flags; the first one for litter and waste and the second one for Energy conservation. We are currently reviewing these and then we hope to start work on the water theme. Last year we entered the Donegal ETB Awards and were delighted to achieve third place in recognition of our Green Week which was held in the school. As a school, we are very much aware of the importance of conserving and protecting our local environment and we participate in numerous clean up events and activities around the school and in the local community.

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