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Google Classroom & Online Learning 


Crana College is a Digital School and we will continue to use these platforms for online learning. We are a Google G-Suite school that will be continuing to use all these facilities available to us. Students are well versed on how to access this information. We understand that broadband may be an issue for some but there are also options to use the app on your phone through 4G. There is also the option of hot spotting from a phone with unlimited data. Parents should ensure that their children access the online classrooms to keep up to date with schoolwork. 

Google Classroom

This is the virtual learning platform used by our teachers to engage with students, to set classwork, to post notes, videos and many other useful resources for our students. You will notice that your child has many different classrooms which matches to the subjects that they are studying in school. It is here that students will submit work to their subject teachers for checking and feedback and they can also pose any questions which they might need answered. For any parent wishing to find out more about this learning platform you will find a very helpful slideshow which will give you an introduction to Google Classroom.





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