The Student Council

The Student Council, established in the school in 2001, is a representative structure through which students in the school can become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management, staff and parents for the benefit of the school and its students. In Crana College, the Student Council is comprised of a group of students, democratically elected annually in September from each year group to represent the student body within the Crana College Organisational Structure and to give students an opportunity to voice their opinion on day to day issues. Facilitated by Ms Louise Duffy, who is the Student Council Liaison Teacher, the Student Council hold regular monthly meetings allowing students the opportunity to discuss and resolve with management, issues which have been brought to their attention by members of the student body.

Role of the Student Council
The role of the Student Council is to represent students’ views to management, to be consulted on new policies, to work with management to improve the school atmosphere, conditions and facilities and to generate good relations between students, staff and management.


Work of the Student Council
The Student Council may undertake a programme of activities that will support students, parents and staff in consultation with the Principal, staff and Parents’ Association.

Structure of the Student Council
Two students from each year group will be elected to represent their year. One student will also be elected from LCA and one from TY. Elections will take place in September each year. Each representative will be elected in a secret ballot and the term of office is for one academic year. The Student Council may appoint a Chairperson, Secretary and PRO, or may decide to rotate the positions.

The Student Council will meet every 3-4 weeks, avoiding the same time and same day as far as possible. Extra meetings can be called by the Principal, Liaison Teacher or by two or more members of the Council.

The secretary will record the Minutes and the Liaison Teacher will be responsible for communications to staff and management. The PRO will communicate with students via the Student Council Notice Boards.

Student Council Members 2023 - 2024
6th Year    Méabh McConalogue & Rory Nee
LCA6         Ryley McDermott
5th Year    Niamh Gill & Daithí McBrearty
LCA5         Amy Gallagher
TY             Catríona McKinney & Jack Bradley
3rd Year    Sarah Porter & Ultan Henderson  
2nd Year   Hannah Bradley & Eoghan Harkin
1st Year    Emma Kerin & Martin Margey





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