Special Educational Needs



Crana College prides itself on being an inclusive school. We have a core group of experienced support teachers and Special Needs Assistants who work together to ensure the best possible outcomes for all students. Ms Rosaleen O'Donnell, SEN Coordinator, is available to meet with parents at any time and the SEN Department offers a range of support models and is pupil centered in approach. At both junior and senior cycle, students are supported in a variety of ways. A small number of students may engage with the new Level 2 Learning Programmes, while the majority will follow the new Junior Cycle. At senior cycle, students are offered a range of programmes, including traditional Leaving Certificate, Leaving Certificate Applied and Quality and Qualifications Ireland. Students are supported to achieve their maximum potential socially, emotionally, academically and in terms of independence.



The new model of allocation allows us to make best use of the resources allocated to Crana College and to tailor support to meet the needs of our students in our own context. Some examples of support include:

  • Small group support
  • Individual support
  • Parent maths classes
  • Science club 
  • Public speaking club 
  • Lunchtime clubs 
  • Co-teaching 
  • Mentoring 
  • Check and Connect 

The SEN team meet weekly to discuss students’ progress and any issues they may be having. Applications are made to the State Examinations Commission for reasonable accommodations for eligible students.


We have a dedicated team of experienced teachers, who work with SNAs to offer support to students in a variety of ways.

  • Ms D. Friel
  • Ms M. Ferguson
  • Ms A. Gallagher
  • ​Ms M. Lindsay
  • Ms R. O'Donnell
  • Ms E. Quigley
  • Mr D. Swann

    Special Needs Assistants 
  • Ms R. Campbell
  • Ms E. Fallon
  • Ms M. Friel
  • Ms K. Grant
  • Ms C. Healy
  • Mr F. Keany
  • Ms B. Masterson
  • Ms C. McCallion
  • Ms S. McDermott
  • Ms A. McElhinney
  • Ms R. McGeady
  • Ms C. McGrath
  • Ms K. Quinn
  • Ms E. Toye
  • Ms R. Walker

Links to Primary Schools

Crana College maintains close links with all our feeder primary schools. Individual transition programmes are offered to students who may need more time to familiarise themselves with their prospective new environment and new staff. The SEN Coordinator visits all feeder schools and attends review meetings as required. Where possible our team of Special Needs Assistants will visit feeder primary schools to shadow colleagues and to learn what works best for individual students.


Links with Other Organisations

We also maintain excellent links with all local statutory and voluntary bodies to help us to support our students. We are renowned for our pastoral care and student support team. We work closely with local organisations such as iCARE and the mutual benefit of such links is clear with our recent successful sports development grant, applied for in partnership with iCARE.


Autistic Spectrum Disorder

In 2007, Crana College opened a class for students with ASD, the first such class at post primary level in Inishowen. The class allows us to use our expertise, resources and experience to support all students with ASD in school, both in the ASD class setting and in the mainstream. 


Level 2 Learning Programmes

In 2018, our first students to complete their L2LP programmes celebrated this milestone achievement with a portfolio parade. This was a wonderful opportunity to showcase their hard work and effort to family, staff and friends. Their pride was matched only by our own, and that of their families. 

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