Pastoral Structure


A network of support for students operates in the school as follows:

The Form Tutor
The tutor meets the class group every morning, takes the roll, checks absence notes and student journals and generally addresses the pastoral needs of the class group and individuals within it. Parents often find that the Form Tutor is best placed to deal with issues relating to the settling in period.

The Year Head
All Year Heads are members of the school management team and each one has overall responsibility for the welfare and progress of the students within their year group. The Year Head, in conjunction with the Form Tutor, encourages students to take responsibility for their actions and to become independent learners. They also meet parents at parent teacher meetings, discuss issues by telephone and by appointment.

Please click here to see the list of Tutors and Year Heads for 2023 - 2024


The Career Guidance and Counselling Service 
Ms Anne McElhinney and Ms Shirley McConalogue are available to advise students and their families about career issues and to provide a counselling service to students in need of assistance. They also organise information sessions on subject choice and further education options for 3rd and 6th Year students and parents.

Home School Community Liaison Coordinator 
Ms Tanya Morrison is available anytime to meet with parents in their own home, or in school, to address any issues relating to their son or daughter’s educational or personal needs. She will also organise courses for parents throughout the year.

The Student Support Team and the Student Wellbeing Team 
The Principal, Deputy Principal,Guidance Counsellor, Home School Liaison Coordinator, Special Educational Needs Coordinator and others coordinate the Pastoral Care system in the school. Working together with teachers and Year Heads they try to ensure that your child is safe and secure at all times.

Check and Connect Programme
A group of teachers, who have received training, offer this programme to students and their parents. They meet with the student once a week to check in and to see how things are for them in relation to homework, study, organisation, support etc and offer assistance where possible.

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