School Tours



Crana College students are offered a number of school tours/trips each year. 

European Tours
There are two options for European tours which take place as follows:

A city tour to places such as Barcelona, Paris, Rome and Milan which takes place at the beginning of the Easter holidays.

A ski trip to countries such as Austria, Italy and France where our students spend the February midterm on the slopes.

There is always an educational and cultural element to these excursions, when students get the opportunity to travel abroad. Both students and staff thoroughly enjoy the experience and this contributes to the overall sense of community and the positive relationships in our school.

Other Trips
Students are provided with lots of educational experiences outside of the classroom in Crana College. As well as the usual subject based trips to Careers Days, museums, art galleries and plays, we also offer a first year trip to see the Belfast Giants, teambuilding days in places such as Gartan Outdoor Education Centre, bowling and cinema excursions and trips to Ireland soccer matches in the Aviva, to name but a few. 

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