Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools (DEIS)


Staff Access Point

Crana College Staff can click here to access DEIS documents for the current school year.


What is DEIS?

It is a national programme aimed at addressing the educational needs of young people. 

  • Each DEIS plan is specific to each DEIS school but should contain the following 8 key areas:
  1. Literacy
  2. Numeracy
  3. Attendance 
  4. Retention
  5. Attainment 
  6. Transitions
  7. Partnership with Parents & Partnership with others.
  • DEIS is the whole school plan for Crana College. It will be continually monitored over a 3 year period.

What does it provide for Crana College?

There is 110 million euro of funding directed to DEIS at a national level, therefore it is a huge advantage to a school community to have DEIS.

In Crana College we have the following:

Extra guidance allocation, HSCL, SC, LCA, JCSP, NEPS provision, Friends Programme, Centre for Schools Leadership, Schools books grant scheme, School Meals and PDST Supports.


What has it achieved nationally?

  • Levels of Literacy & Numeracy have increased.

  • Retention rates have improved.

  • More effective school planning is taking place.

  • The gap has closed but not enough.

  • Attendance (coming into school) has not improved.

  • We want to improve learner experiences and in particular vulnerable groups.

DEIS Planning

Planning for DEIS within the school involves a six-step process, as outlined below. 

Targets and Actions

A number of targets for improvement have been identified, as well as some classroom based actions, that form part of our overall DEIS plan in Crana College. Please click here to access these. 


The DEIS Team in Crana College

Co-ordinator: Mr Philip McGuinness





Mr Gerard Toland (L)

Ms Michelle McDaid


Ms Sylvia McSheffrey (L)

Mr Brendan Monagle

Mr Joe Ward


Ms Rosaleen O'Donnell (L)

Mr JJ McDermott

Mr David Swann

Ms Áine Gallagher


Ms Clare Bradley (L)

Ms Helena Doherty

Mr Francis Meehan

Ms Caomhnait Crossan


Dr Thomas Strain (L)

Ms Tanya Morrison

Mr Michael McGirr


Ms Shirley McConalogue (L)

Ms Anne McElhinney

Partnership with Parents               and Others

Ms Michelle Bradley (L)

Mr Laurence McMullan

Ms Louise Duffy



* L=Team Leader


DEIS Report to Parents 2021


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