Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)


A Digital School

Our school has benefited greatly from the Digital Learning Framework with substantial investments in iPads,Chromebooks, high spec computers, interactive boards, visualisers and the latest software. It means that our students have access to the very best of modern technology. 

Our Enterprise standard WiFi technology makes sure that students and staff can access high speed internet at all times, no matter how many devices are in operation in the school.

Social Media has become an important part of life in Crana College and we use Facebook and Twitter as a means of communicating with parents and the community to let them know what’s coming up in our calendar. 

Our attendance and punctuality is recorded on a VSware system which allows teachers to have immediate access to a pupil’s records. Our reports to parents at Christmas and Summer are produced using up to the minute computer software which parents can connect to through a secure, password protected entry system. 

Digital Initiatives

  • Crana College is the lead-school in the Department of Education and Skills most recent initiative to increase the use of ICT in schools. The School Excellence Fund allows our teachers to liaise with other primary and Post Primary schools to develop and share good ICT practice in the classroom.

  • We have gained recognition for leading the way in ICT and were one of the first schools in the country to introduce Exploring Coding as a pilot subject. This initiative gained us national exposure, recognising our foresight in seeking to meet the needs of young people when they leave school and seek employment. 

  • We strive to be an innovative school and provide our TY students with their own iPad for the year to facilitate research, assignments and e-learning, encouraging a paperless approach to the programme

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